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EV Plywood is a new decorative material with more superior performance, which is made of ordinary wood (fast-growing wood) as raw material. Compared with natural wood, its density can be controlled artificially, and the product has good stable performance. In the processing process, it does not have the waste and value loss of natural wood processing, and it can improve the comprehensive utilization rate of wood to more than 86%. Science and technology wood is not solid wood, but the composite product of artificial synthesis.

We have two color engineered veneer, with white and red.

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EV Plywood (Engineer Veneer Plywood)

Surface Red EV ,White EV
Core Poplar,Eucalyptus ,Combi core,or as required
Density 520-750kg/m3
Hot Press Time 1 time,2 times,3 times
Moisture 6%-14%
Glue Phenolic,WBP Melamine,E0,E1,E2,MR
Size 1220x2440mm,1250x2500mm,1250x3000mm,or as Customized
Thickness 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/16mm/17mm/18mm/20mm/22mm/27mm/30mm
Usage Furniture,Packing

Engineered Veneer Plywood is widely used in Indoor Decoration .It can coated with Melamine paper , HPL , PVC ,etc . The most popular grade is BB/CC Two time hot press . The white EV plywood  is a perfect base material for indoor decoration boards.

EV plywood
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Features & Advantages of our EV Plywood:

EV plywood face no wormholes, knots, colour change and other natural wood defects inherent in the nature, is a kind of almost no defects of decorative materials, at the same time, its texture and color all have certain regularity, thus avoided such as well in the process of decoration natural wood products produced by different texture, colour and lustre is difficult to joining together, Consumers can make full use of the purchase of every inch of material.

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